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  • Feeling FUBAR

    Feeling FUBAR

    The day started out cordially with a cup of joe, an orange juice mimosa, a mini cinnamon roll, two pieces of bacon, and quickly escalated to FUBAR debuting characters Luke, Emma, Roo, Aldon, and Barry in Netflix’s new spy series. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, as protagonist CIA Spy, Luke Brunner, the production is on fire. The Comedy series can’t…

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  • THE NURSE Limited Series Review

    NETFLIX | “The NURSE” At first glance, the script appears to be going in one direction with a trajectory to continue the same path. However, this limited series based on true actual events is anything but a monotone-composed script. Careful to focus not on the obvious alone because the strength of the story appears to rest with the antagonist.…

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  • Scripting LEADERS

    There are three traits that a leader embodies at his core: Do you have them? I believe that everyone has some level of leadership baked into their being. How developed your traits are is an unknown that you would be best to answer. Let’s say your courage levels aren’t as high as you’d like them to be…

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  • Thoughtful Composition

    Thoughtful Composition

    Unlike The TWILIGHT ZONE series, TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE has not succumbed to evolution yet. I don’t know what goes into studios green lighting a re-make, but TFTD and its genre kin, OUTER LIMITS remain untouched and still deliver the psychological goal. Every episode opens with a solemn-voiced gentleman stating, “Man lives in a sunlit…

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