FALL FRIENDS – A Teen Film Production


The Teen Film Short: FALL FRIENDS is now in Production phase.

The PERCEPTUAL TEEN FILM TROUPE is currently shooting their 2015 Film Festival short film. Our biggest scenes are yet to be filmed (Sept. & Oct.): The SUMMER SIZZLE CONCERT and The FALL MASQUERADE BALL, and while our script is already casted, there are a few spots available for the talented teen that seeking principle-like film credit:  http://ebayc.us/32785203.

short film

Tag line: When two girlfriends fall for the same guy,
he’s such a good friend, that he ditches them both.
Genre: Dramedy [Drama + Comedy]
Film length: :30 minutes +/-

As our shoot gets underway we are also in search of TEEN FILM EDITORS.  You can never have enough teen genius’ to work with in the Editing bay. We all know that it is in “editing” that all films are made. So if you have an eye for filmmaking and between the ages of 13-19, we’d love to hear from you, email us at:  3QuisWork@gmail.com and visit our website for more info on who we are at:  3Quis.org.

5-4-3-2-1! Action!
Be apart of something REEL. Contact us today!



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