Building Bridges Trailer

To know Deb Rubenstrunk is to be connected to a lot of great and influential folk, like Harry and Tom Chapin. Surely you know them, their family legacy of music, songs, tales, and illustrations? Lucky us, we were able to not only meet Tom Chapin, but we were also granted documentary privileges by the BUILDING BRIDGES program creator, Debbie Rubenstrunk. The event went off like a well-planned party at The Higley Center for The Arts in Gilbert, AZ under the house direction of Larry:

In the event that you missed the show, no worries – the next show is already in the making. Make plans to support, attend and bring plenty of youth that need encouragement.

Building Bridges is all about the youth, diversity, encouragement and empowerment, not to mention, the Tom Chapin Concert was FREE!

If you would like to get involved or bring your school-aged group to The Building Bridges event, please contact Deb @

If you are interested in building a marketing piece for your organization, business or product, please contact Qui @



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