Building Bridges Trailer


To know Deb Rubenstrunk is to be connected to a lot of great and influential folk. Folk like who? Let’s start with being introduced to the city. Deb plugged me into the Chandler Arts Community quicker than I was able to meet the bulk of my neighbors on my street.  I’ve been here for 3 years. Deb is the founder and director of YAC, Chandlers Youth Advisory Council, which my kid is a part of; she’s molding leaders.

I called Deb up one day to compliment her on her professional influence with the youth and she introduced me to Tom Chapin. The Chapin family legacy is of music, songs, tales, and illustrations that nourishes a moldable mind. Nourish and molding is not just for adolescents. I’m still pliable. Deb invited me to an exclusive youth concert where I got to not only meet Tom and film the event. Score!

Building Bridges is all about the youth, diversity, encouragement and empowerment, not to mention, the Tom Chapin Concert was FREE to all attendees!

Afterwards, I called Deb up to congratulate her on another successful event and she took the opportunity to thank me and put me down to film and construct a presentation of the live PLUGGED IN CONCERT event. Networking genius. I don’t hate. I’m a new filmmaker in town, I am happy to embrace. I took the challenge and this is my memorialized production of the CHANDLER ARTS event:


SUCCESS consists of NETWORKING bricks and Sweat Equity sticks!

Deb is in the business of BUILDING BRIDGES and I have a feeling the two and I are just getting started.


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