Peaceful Protests in Tempe, Arizona

Thanks to social media, unifying has not ever been so easy:

FFF Protest Invite

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could have seen us marching for positive change last night, I think he would have been proud, so would Michael Brown, Travon Martin and Tamir Rice, (just to name a few).

A Dream is still in progress… I was overcome with love as all races of people joined us in march. In fact, there were only 7 black people in our group, including myself. How beautiful is that? WAY TO GO ARIZONA! What a great look of UNITY. We looked goooood:

IMG_2529 IMG_2491 IMG_2532

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Asia, one of the peaceful protesters, asked me if we had a chant prepared. It was a good question, but since I wasn’t the original organizer of the protest, I did not, but one text to my proactive and well connected mentor and we were armed with 3 different chants:


I literally lead our peaceful protesters branch, block by block and chant by chant. It was so exciting. They were an amazing group and we made history last night. We were UNITED for a very serious cause and it felt great:

IMG_2530  Black Lives Matter in Tempe, AZ 20141204Protesters in Tempe,AZ - ASU 20141204  IMG_2501

We came up on one fella who became emotional and started to break down and cry as we passed. One of the protestors started dialogue with him and asked him if he wanted to hold her protest sign. He became our 7th African American in the peaceful protest:

IMG_2518 Qui hugs the moved-2-tears protester

No. We weren’t a LARGE group at ASU/Tempe Beach Park, but we were very effective and proactive self starters. People honked their horns in support, people through up their fist, people shouted out, “Great cause! and GOOOO COWBOYS!” as we walked past the fine dining establishments with patio dining. Folks it felt amazing.

heart divider

Unfortunately while in route to our peaceful protest
another black man was shot and now slumbers in rest.

Rumain Bribson was only 34-years old and he lived in the city of Phoenix,
which made me think – that’s where the other protestors went.

This weeks protest events were supposed to pop-off twice,
Thursday in Tempe, AZ and then to Phoenix on Friday night.

But after the young man was shot, the people took to the streets to holler,
the cop shot shot Rumain because in his pocket he has a pill bottle.

Rumain Brisbon

He won’t be able to care for his children anymore and they will never see him again. Rumain Brisbon was shot and killed last night. He wasn’t committing a crime, just bringing home dinner to children.

Rumain didn’t reach for it, the cop was frisking his pocket
felt the pill bottle, pulled his pistol and popped it.

Not once but twice.
Yes, the officer is white.

This just does not sound good.
This happened last night in the Phoenix hood.

We were marching in Tempe as others cried for the late Rumain.
It’s open season on black men? Why not question him or detain?

If you want to read the details, be forewarned they are shady and full of merk.
A 34-year old dad was bringing dinner home to kids, and now he belongs to the earth.
Today, his children are horrified and hurt.

If you still think black people are doing something that is causing them to get shot,
I assure you dear people, I am black and we are not.

There were only 6 African Americans marching with last night,
we all binded in unity for what is just and right.

We smiled and we chanted and pounded the pave,
I’m Qui
Peaceful, loving and always hugging, pleading with law enforcement to behave.

We all know karma. Right? She’s timely and cunning.
Live by the sword, die by the sword; Karma is coming.

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