Proof of Concept

typing_kitti.gifWhat’s that you say? 

You have a great movie idea?  Prove it. Show me your POC – Proof of Concept. I’d love to see it. Perhaps you have a mean pitch for your film? Lay it on me.

Oh, pardon me. You said that ‘you have a great movie idea but you don’t have a POC? Let me encourage you to work on it and do a little R&D on the topic before staging scenarios to hammer out scenes and dialogue.

Personally, I’ve been investing a great deal of time in creating POC’s these days. I am still in school to acquire my B.S. in Digital Cinematography – I graduate in 2020. It is both fun and challenging; the new neuropathy yields me film ideas of various dimensions. I’m seizing by exploring and writing.

student-of-film-qui_6-28-2018I’m in school for DC but I am a writer first. One might think I’m a hoarder if they didn’t know that those binds of paper at my desk are complete narrative scripts. One day it dawned on me that if I didn’t move forward to produce some of these scripts, I should at least have a bond-fire party. Either way, it will cause me to reach out, network and invite others over.

I choose to produce the scripts rather than burn them, but not a minute before learning the science of film cinematography and throwing my fair share of script reading parties.

What are your plans for your film idea?

5-4-3-2-1, Action!




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