A Student of Film Forever

typing_kitti.gifDo you ever really stop learning? I certainly try not to be dormant in that area. Only the young are really up for learning something new – consider me young and nevermind the date on my birth certificate. Life is at hand and I love to learn, which is precisely why I enrolled in school last year and am currently in pursuit of my BS in Digital Cinematography. I’m having a blast and as challenging as the curriculum is, I love it and am beginning to hope that time does not fly too quickly on this journey. I’m reel’y into it.

I feel grateful to be living in an era of reel opportunity. With video streaming modules on satellite, pc, and mobile devices, this is a great time to dimensionalize my creative measures to reach more audiences.

student-of-film-qui_6-28-2018I am a writer. One might mistakenly call me a hoarder if they didn’t know that those binds of paper at my desk are scripts. One day it dawned on me that if I didn’t move forward to produce some of these scripts, I should at least have a bond-fire party. Either way, it will cause me to reach out, network and invite others over. I chose to produce the scripts rather than burn them, but not a minute before learning the science of film cinematography.

Thoroughly learning the history of motion pictures alone has changed everything for me. I will not ever be the same again in my concept creation, script composition or shot log. Once I have obtained my BS in Digital Cinematography, unless I am inundated with in-house productions and collaboration work, I will likely be pursuing another professional degree while cranking out feature films and heavily courting film festivals.

It’s exciting to think and to accept that I am likely going to be a student of film forever. Please know in my confessing as much, that I have been and am still watching you. You have the best stories.

5-4-3-2-1, Action!




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