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  • Film Festival Inference

    When was the last time that you supported a film festival? In the words of the Wolf Brand Chili Spokesperson, “Well, that’s too long.” Lucky you, the film festival season is upon us for the next eight months. So, if you’re on the fence about submitting one of your films, check the list below –…

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  • Wine, Wings, and Scripts. OH MY!

    Wine, Wings, and Scripts. OH MY!

    Last night, last night was about scripted writes. We gathered before the sky took moonlight. We sipped and drank, and shots were called. Literally celebrating the leave of ol’ Fall. We did so with open hearts and minds we mingled over the new scripted finds. Then we read… with the drink about our heads. Sober?…

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  • Building Bridges Trailer

    Building Bridges Trailer

    . To know Deb Rubenstrunk is to be connected to a lot of great and influential folk. Folk like who? Let’s start with being introduced to the city. Deb plugged me into the Chandler Arts Community quicker than I was able to meet the bulk of my neighbors on my street.  I’ve been here for…

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  • The City Of Chandler Plugged in Concert

    The August 22, 2014 PLUGGED IN Concert ROCKED! Talk about sending the Summer out with a blast! The Chandler Center for the Arts did just that in opening their doors to the community for the 2014 PLUGGED IN concert. Qui Filmsfilmed the entire event. It was a true musical party!  Click the link below to…

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  • The Caucus

    The Caucus

    “THE CAUCUS” is the name of a short film Directed by Qui. It’s witty, educational and straight to the point: The year was 2008 and the first black presidential candidate was fighting to be the democratic nominee. African Americans turned out in droves to vote in support of such a historical play in process. Technology…

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