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  • Feeling FUBAR

    Feeling FUBAR

    The day started out cordially with a cup of joe, an orange juice mimosa, a mini cinnamon roll, two pieces of bacon, and quickly escalated to FUBAR debuting characters Luke, Emma, Roo, Aldon, and Barry in Netflix’s new spy series. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, as protagonist CIA Spy, Luke Brunner, the production is on fire. The Comedy series can’t…

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  • THE POWER is in the WRITING

    THE POWER is in the WRITING

    “Gimme got his neck broke messin’ with his kinfolk” and now folks are looking like “Who shot John and why?” Have you ever heard either of those sayings? They’re what folks in my community would say post a hood slaying. Your name doesn’t have to be Gimme or John, for you to act a fool…

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