Special Events

Special Events happen everyday but they don’t last forever

A DVD of your special event means that you can remember the event as if it happened yesterday. Technology and HD filming have reached a point of “better than you can remember.” Yes! Quality filming is often noted to be ‘better than even you can remember’ – and you attended the event live.

That would be a credit to good filming skills and editing, though without your special event – it would be for naught.


Highlights and Demo Reels are key

Especially when highlighting your accomplishments. Paper won’t cut it anymore. In fact, the US has reduced its paper manufacturing process significantly in the face of the internet and its capacity to store your footage on servers and online.

We are also able to design a website to showcase your highlighting skill and reels.

Increase your level of visibility and score!

Hire us to shoot your SHORT FILM project or PARTY. Keep it real with REEL.


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